Viagra (Levitra) Xtreme
Thousands of men suffer from E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction). Half of which actually suffer from U.W.S. (Ugly Wife Syndrome). Levitra Xtreme is for those men who are married to ugly women.
Gayquil attacts the homoqueerus cells in your body, leaving you with that "oh, so hetero" feeling. So, keep your gay at bay with Gayguil (may be taken orally or anally). This one was inspired by right wing, "family values" politician Mark Kleiman who hatefully preached about the evils of homosexuality. Oh, did I mention that he was later discovered to be gay? Oops!!!
The uPhone
Introducing the uPhone. We have an "app" for friggin' everything!
Personalized GPS
Personalized GPS to fit your lifestyle. Note: We at Tasteless Choice apologize to anyone who we have not yet offended. We're trying our best to get to all of you.
X-treme Water
When you’ve got that extreme thirst, you need new X-treme Water by H3O. Yes, for water that’s so wet you can’t dry it, it’s X-treme Water. (This is the first video we did).
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