Commercials 2

The Buttkerchief
Ever find yourself on a toilet (after doing your duty) with no toilet paper? Well, introducing the Buttkerchief. The Buttkerchief's patented Absorbo fibers soak in your dirty, retched poop, leaving you feeling fresh and confident. Oh, and it also doubles as a handkerchief.
Doggie Condoms
Yes, your dog will love to bury his bone with Doggie Condoms!
The McFibrillator Happy Meal
A commercial featuring McDonalds new McFibrillator Happy Meal. A meal so fattening it comes with it’s own defibrillator.
Wah-Wah Music
Ladies, has the romance gone out of your relationship? Can’t seem to get your man to turn off that darn game and turn you on? Well, it’s time you try Wah-Wah Music. Wah-Wah Music has been proven in scientific studies and countless porno’s to stimulate the male sex drive.
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