...and a music video

The Blind Lifeguard
After winning a discrimination lawsuit, Richard Kennedy achieves his life long dream to become a lifeguard. Only one problem, Richard Kennedy is blind. When asked if anyone has ever drowned while he was on watch, he proudly boasts, "Not as many as I've saved!"
Where are they now?
An MTV style show that searches to find what former punk super-band “The Bloody Stumps” is up to. Turns out they’re doing weddings—but they’re still as loud, crude and out of control as ever. “Excuse me, could you turn it down?” “Of Course we can sweetie, but there’s no fuckin’ way we’re gonna—turn it up boys!” 
I think I love you
This is a music video from The Bloody Stumps singing the Partridge Family's classic song.
The Doorman
This is the story of Mario Laporte, professional doorman. He is out of work due to the electronic door revolution, and he is out for revenge. Ok, it's not one of our best ones, but it has it's moments.
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