Educational videos

these videos will learn you a thing or two

A 1950's educational film on the evils of herpes. Herpules tries to save young Gladys from herpes infected Danny...and a lion.
Kenny G Kills
A public service video on the dangers of listening to Kenny G.
Be proud of who you are
Don't let doctors misdiagnose you. Put away those phony prescriptions and be proud of who you are (even if you are an obnoxious, annoying piece of shit that we'd all like see dead).
Drunk Drivers Ed
Learn how to drive drunk. Oh, yeah, there's a whole art to it.
The Wite Trash Cookinn Show
New on The Food Network: Finally a cooking show for the common man! Learn how to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Very important tip: "if you don't boil the water, it just don't come out right!"
Dance School for Moshing
An elderly couple goes to a dance school for moshing so they can impress their grandson who plays in a thrash band. That evening the couple joins the mosh pit at their grandson's show.
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