Really Tasteless

Dirty Sanchez
Here is a sneak peek at a new TV series based on "Dirty Sanchez," the notorious bandito who was known for robbing banks with a poop wielding well as for that other thing. What was it again?
Day Laborers for Sale
If Corporate America had their way, the hard working, proud Day Laborer would be reduced to a marketable commodity. We think that it would go a little something like this...
Homo Depo
Homo Depo meets all of your Homo needs...and don't forget to come in through the back door. This one spoofs our "Day Laborers for Sale" video.
Outtakes from the Joy of Painting
Outtakes of mild mannered painter Bob Ross from his relaxing show, "The Joy of Painting." Seems he has a volatile short temper. Who knew?
Carbomb Salesmen
A cheesy, low budget commercial featuring two wacky carbomb salesmen. They won’t sell you a lemon, but they will sell you a bomb.
Warning: These videos are really tasteless. If you are easily offended, please don't watch. If not...enjoy!
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