In the wake of the terrorist attacts on 9/11, the president formed a secret team to fight The War Against Terror. He called this crack team T.W.A.T. In this episode, the president consults with T.W.A.T. leader Major Mike Hunt on how to fight their arch enemies, Jihad of Islamic Zealots...aka JIZ.
Vampire Shore
An MTV style reality show of Vampires living together under one roof. The show includes some of the most famous vampires as well as some new ones.
Hercules admits to steroid use
In an exclusive interview by ESPN's Peter Gammons, Hercules admits to years of steroid use.
Einstein on a teen quiz show
Albert Einstein is reluctantly a contestant on the teen quiz show, "The Mad Skizzles Quizalicious Quiz Showdown." The smartest man in modern history is matched against brainless Twinkie. Guess who wins.
Opposite emotion guy
Edward Fingernail's life changed one year ago after an accident. It was then that he became OPPOSITE EMOTION GUY! Follow Edward as he plans to ask his cheating girlfriend to marry him.
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